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Single Vineyard – Adelaide Hills Montepulciano

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Montepulciano is a versatile grape variety that has found a new home in the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia. The high altitude, cool climate, and unique terroir of the region have allowed the grape to thrive and produce exceptional wines with distinct characteristics.

Our Montepulciano is a prime example of the quality of wine that can be produced in the Adelaide Hills. The grapes are sourced from carefully selected vineyards in the region and are handpicked at optimal ripeness. The wine is then aged in oak barrels for a period of time to allow the tannins to soften and the flavours to mature.

The resulting wine is full-bodied with intense flavours of dark fruits such as blackberry, plum, and black cherry. The palate is complex, with hints of tobacco, leather, and spice that add layers of flavour to the wine. The tannins are firm and well-structured, providing a long and satisfying finish. The wine has a medium to high acidity, which gives it a fresh and lively character.

This Montepulciano is an excellent wine to pair with hearty dishes such as roast lamb, beef stews, or pasta with rich tomato sauces. It is a wine that can be enjoyed now, or it can be cellared for several years to allow the flavours to develop further.

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Adelaide Hills


750 mls