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Artwine Fiano 2022 – The Wicked Stepmother

With origins in the Campania region of Southern Italy, Fiano is the flagship white wine of Artwine and this one is the 11th vintage. Elegant aromas of florals with hints of spice that lead to a delicious palate of subtle spiciness with notes of honey and hazelnut. Fiano gains additional honey characteristics as it ages. Fabulous on its own or pair with spicy food.

About Artwine

Glen and Judy’s dream is to leave a legacy of one of the largest plantings of emerging varieties in Australia, all growing in beautifully managed, sustainable vineyards.

To achieve that dream, they continue to nurture the land, reinvesting heavily in sustainable practices—including a significant solar installation to reduce their carbon footprint—to protect the wine industry for future generations.

Artwine make over 17 different wines from 13 varieties, and there’s more to come! Across the Adelaide Hills and Clare Valley vineyards they grow:
– Albariño                                    – Pinot Gris
– Cabernet Franc                         – Pinot Noir
– Fiano                                         – Prosecco
– Graciano                                   – Riesling
– Grenache                                  – Tempranillo
– Grüner Veltliner                        – Viognier
– Montepulciano

They’ve most recently added to the collection with plantings of Grenache, Gris, Sangiovese, and Gamay, and have ordered 3 more varieties for planting in 2022.

When making the decision to plant a new variety, Judy and Glen have three questions they ask:

1.  Do they want to drink this wine themselves?

They’re completely passionate about the wines they make, so it’s important that every variety planted makes a wine they’d want to drink too.

2.  Can consumers pronounce the variety’s name?

We’re all about helping people learn about and enjoy emerging varieties, but if no one can pronounce the name, we’ll think twice about it.

3.  Is the variety climatically suited to the Adelaide Hills or Clare Valley?

Sustainability is a key consideration with every variety we plant – it must be able to thrive naturally in our climate.

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Since the first release of Fiano in 2012 – Artwine have won 6 Trophies and now 17 Gold Medals along with numerous silver and bronze medals. The most awarded Fiano in the country!

Gold Medal Australia Alternative Varieties Wine Show 2017 Gold Medal Small Vigerons Awards 2017 High Silver (4.5 Stars) Winestate Magazine 2017 Silver Medal Royal Sydney Wine Show 2017 Silver Medal Rutherglen Wine Show 2017 Bronze Medal Clare Valley Wine Show 2017 Bronze Medal Royal Adelaide Wine Show 2017

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