Atkins Farm Langhorne Creek Shiraz

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Atkins Farm Langhorne Creek Shiraz $14.99

The Atkins Farm Langhorne Creek Shiraz

Indulge in the exquisite pleasures of this meticulously crafted Atkins Farm Langhorne Creek Shiraz, sourced from the region’s deep, fertile soils. Bursting with an abundance of plush dark fruits, the wine entices with the luscious presence of ripe black cherries and succulent plums. Its smooth and velvety texture reveals light and refined tannins that gracefully caress the palate. Delightful nuances of chocolate gracefully intertwine with the wine, adding a luxurious depth to the flavor profile. The supple oak flavors further enhance the overall experience, seamlessly integrating with the fruit and contributing to the wine’s remarkable structure. This Langhorne Creek Shiraz exemplifies the art of winemaking, showcasing a harmonious balance between fruit intensity, refined tannins, and delicate oak influence. A true expression of its terroir, this wine delivers a captivating journey for the senses, leaving a lasting impression that lingers with elegance.

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Langhorne Creek




750 mls