Bleasdale Pinot Gris Award Winner

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Bleasdale Adelaide Hills Pinot Gris 2023

5 Star James Halliday Winery

Winemaker of the Year

Bleasdale Adelaide Hills Pinot Grigio – A 5-Star James Halliday Winery Marvel

Embark on a journey into excellence with Bleasdale Adelaide Hills Pinot Grigio, expertly crafted by the renowned 5-star James Halliday Winery. This elegant wine encapsulates the zenith of cool climate winemaking and promises a truly delightful tasting experience.

Handpicked from Adelaide Hills Vineyards: Our odyssey commences in the pristine vineyards of Adelaide Hills, where specialist grape growers cultivate the finest Pinot Grigio grapes. Every grape is fastidiously handpicked, ensuring that only the highest quality fruit finds its way to our historic Bleasdale cellars in Langhorne Creek, a mere short drive away.

A Symphony of Flavours: Prepare to be captivated by the delicate interplay of flavours in this Pinot Grigio. With aromatic notes of Nashi, ginger, and rosewater gracing your senses, it’s a truly sensory delight. As you sip, the palate unfolds with richness and texture, gracefully enriched by the complexities bestowed by the barrel fermentation process.

Satisfying Complexity: Indulge in the deeply satisfying complexity that this wine offers. It boasts a textured and multifaceted middle palate that evolves with each sip, culminating in a finely crisp finish that lingers, inviting you to savour every moment.

Whether you’re a seasoned Pinot Grigio connoisseur or an intrepid wine enthusiast, Bleasdale Adelaide Hills Pinot Grigio assures you of an unforgettable and sophisticated experience.

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Elevate your wine collection with the 5-star excellence of Bleasdale Winery and the captivating charm of Adelaide Hills Pinot Grigio. Order your bottle of perfection today and unlock the quintessence of Adelaide Hills in every glass.

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Pinot Gris


Adelaide Hills


750 mls




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