Busselton Boys Alfie Cabernet Merlot


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Cabernet Merlot


Margaret River


750 mls



Busselton Boys Alfie Cabernet Merlot

A famed classic red blend from the Margaret River wine region in Western Australia. The Cabernet delivers varietal flavours of blackcurrant and bay leaf whilst the Merlot contributes a plummy softness and spice. This well balanced, flavoursome red fleshes out with soft tannins and an expansive finish. Drink now or cellar for a short term.

In 1830 three brothers – Alfie, Charlie and Jack Bussell – disembarked in the hot sun after a long and arduous sea voyage on the ‘Warrior’ at the infant Swan River Colony, Western Australia. After a few unsuccessful years attempting to earn their fortune around Augusta, this enterprising trio set off into the wilderness in search of a better place to establish a farm. They eventually found a favourable site with good soil and mild conditions, and here their farm – and the brothers – prospered. This small pioneering plot was the beginnings of what would eventually grow into the thriving Margaret River settlement of Busselton.

The boys’ endearing sense of adventure lives on in Margaret River with its contemporary winemaking style. Each of The Busselton Boys wines, made by award-winning winemaker Paul Boulden, captures both the intriguing characters of their namesakes, and of the region.

Busselton Boys Alfie Cabernet Merlot

$22.00 $8.99

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