Zelzie Cabernet Merlot 2017 Selection 23


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ItZilzie Cabernet Merlot – 2017 Selection 23

Zilzie Cabernet Merlot is soft and juicy wine, part of the SELECTION 23 range it is the ultimate entertainer.  Effortlessly mingling plum flavours with blackberry and spice parting to fine supple oak tannins. Sure to charm friends and dazzle the family, this is one wine you won’t want to leave off the guest list.

It is a deep crimson with aromas of dark plum and blackcurrant fruit aromas layered with subtle oak and spice.  On the palate it has a varietal plum, herbaceous and dark berry flavour balanced by toasty oak.

Will pair perfectly with lamb fillets with roasted herb potatoes or char-grilled steak with mushrooms.
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The Zilzie Winery

Intuitively built for growth and expansion.  We noted the winery’s design and layout allows for grape production to flow naturally through each step of the process.  This means there is no  unnecessary deviations.

If you lined up end to end all the rows of the vines on the property how far would they stretch?  They would stretch 2000 km approximately Melbourne to Brisbane and half way back. The winery sports many of the latest gadgets, Zilzie still believe that it’s the human element that produces the truly memorable wines. The winemaking team has a hand in every stage of the process.  Taste testing grapes from each vineyard to determine the perfect harvest time, and ensuring each parcel is treated separately for their individual characteristics.  The team are working their magic through to the final blending to bring these parcels together.

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