Claymore “Birdhouse In Your Soul” Rosé 2023

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Claymore “Birdhouse in Your Soul” 2023 Rosé

Meet the Claymore “Birdhouse in Your Soul” 2023 Rosé—a bright, light, and utterly charming blush that’s set to be the star of your next sunny afternoon. This modern take on Rosé brings a refreshing twist to the classic pink, designed to dazzle with its elegance and crisp structure.

Tasting Notes: Crafted from a delightful blend of Riesling and Malbec, this Rosé shines with a bright and crunchy acidity that makes every sip a crisp revelation. Its proudly bone-dry finish and fine length make it more than just a pretty pour—it’s a statement of style and sophistication in every glass.

Profile: “Birdhouse in Your Soul” is not your average Rosé. It’s a testament to the craft of making wines that are both delightful to the palate and perfect companions for food. With its racy natural acid backbone, this wine pairs beautifully with everything from sophisticated seafood dishes to simple, fresh salads.

Perfect Pairings: Embrace the versatility of this Rosé at your next gathering. It’s ideal for sipping alongside light pastas, fresh goat cheese salads, or grilled seafood. Or, simply enjoy it as the perfect accompaniment to a lazy afternoon of grazing in the garden or balcony basking.

Serving Suggestions: For the ultimate experience, serve this Rosé well chilled. At around 8°C to 10°C, its bright, clean flavours and subtle aromatics are at their best.

Invite the Claymore “Birdhouse in Your Soul” 2023 Rosé into your life and let it brighten your meals, your moments, and your soul with its luminous charm.


Malbec, Riesling


Clare Valley