Claymore You’ll Never Walk Alone GSM + Dark Side of The Moon Shiraz

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You’ll Never Walk Alone GSM
Dark Side of The Moon Shiraz

6 Bottles of Each, $250 for the Dozen!

We also have some magnums (1.5L) of Dark Side of The Moon Shiraz to giveaway.

Purchase a dozen of these bad boys and you’ll go in the running to win!

Claymore “You’ll Never Walk Alone” GSM 2022

Celebrate the solidarity and spirit of the Claymore “You’ll Never Walk Alone” GSM 2022, a blend that honors the heritage of vineyards and the collective journey of wine enthusiasts. This Grenache Shiraz Mataro is not only a nod to our beloved ‘Reds’ but also a toast to 25 years of winemaking excellence, encapsulated in a bottle designed for the future with its lightweight glass packaging.

Tasting Notes:

Step into a vibrant dance of flavours with this blend, where the spiciness of Shiraz melds beautifully with Grenache’s bright berry notes and Mataro’s deep, earthy undertones. Each sip brings forward a melody of red and dark fruits, seasoned with hints of spice and a touch of herbal complexity, making every glass a discovery.


With a nod to tradition and an eye on sustainability, the “You’ll Never Walk Alone” GSM is a testament to the time-honoured techniques that have preserved our precious 80+ year-old bush vines. This wine showcases the robust vitality of these vines, offering a drink that’s as rich in heritage as it is in flavour.

Perfect Pairings:

This versatile blend pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes. Enjoy it with a char-grilled steak, a hearty pasta, or a spicy lamb curry to enhance its fruit-forward profile and spicy undertones. It’s equally delightful with a platter of aged cheeses and cured meats, making it perfect for social gatherings or a quiet night in.

Serving Suggestions:

Optimal enjoyment of this GSM is achieved at a serving temperature of 16°C to 18°C, allowing the bold flavors and aromatic bouquet to fully express themselves.

The Claymore “You’ll Never Walk Alone” GSM 2022 is more than a wine; it’s a commitment to companionship and sustainability, wrapped in a bottle. Raise a glass to the past, present, and a sustainable future, knowing that with every sip, you are part of a larger story.

Claymore ‘Dark Side of The Moon’ Shiraz 2021

Discover the enchanting allure of the Claymore Shiraz, a treasure trove of taste that has charmed its way to a gold medal from WineOrbit and a lofty 94 points. This Shiraz is not just a wine; it’s a captivating story in a bottle, waiting to unfold with each pour.

Tasting Notes:

Immerse yourself in the luxurious depth of dark berry flavours, where mulberry meets a whisper of fine oak. This Shiraz weaves its magic with robust tannins that promise a structure built to last and evolve. It’s a symphony of taste that’s both bold and elegantly balanced.


Elegance meets power in this exceptional bottle. The ‘Dark Side of The Moon’ offers a pure and profound fruit profile, softly cradled by integrated oak that complements without competing. It’s a wine that speaks directly to those with a penchant for the finer things in life.

Perfect Pairings:

This Claymore Shiraz shines when shared with good company and great food. Think hearty, flavour-packed dishes like a slow-cooked lamb shank or a rich mushroom risotto. It’s also perfectly enjoyed by itself, making any moment a special occasion.

Serving Suggestions:

To fully appreciate its depth and character, serve this Shiraz slightly cooled, at around 16°C to 18°C.

Whether you’re a collector or a casual sipper, the Claymore Shiraz 2021 is your ticket to a wine experience that’s truly out of this world. Add this stellar bottle to your collection and enjoy the journey it brings to every glass.


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