Geoff Merrill ‘Charley Rose’ Dry Rose

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Geoff Merrill ‘Charley Rose’ Dry Rose

Geoff Merrill’s dedication to family and winemaking harmoniously blends in the ‘Charley Rose’ Dry Rosé, a wine named after his vibrant youngest daughter, Charley Rose. This Grenache Rosé epitomizes crispness and clarity, embodying the joy and spirit of its namesake.

Aromatic Delight: The ‘Charley Rose’ Dry Rosé captivates with a fresh, perfumed aroma, where bright raspberry and red cherry notes are elegantly accented by floral violets. This inviting bouquet promises a refreshing tasting experience.

Palate Experience: On the palate, this Rosé presents a satisfying fruit weight, balanced by a lively acidity. Flavours of berry compote, glace cherry, and a whisper of liquorice weave together to create a wine that’s fine, fresh, and fruit-forward. It’s a versatile companion to a wide array of culinary delights.

Food Pairing Versatility: This Rosé is a perfect match for an array of dishes. From pork dumplings and roast pork to beef or tuna carpaccio and pasta with Carbonara sauce, its ability to complement different flavours makes it a must-have for any dining occasion.

Vintage Insights: The 2023 vintage faced late flowering and cool summer conditions, leading to a delayed harvest. Despite the cool, wet autumn prolonging the vintage, these challenges showcased the winemaking team’s expertise, resulting in a Rosé that elegantly expresses its terroir. With 100% Grenache and an alcohol content of 13.0%, the ‘Charley Rose’ Dry Rosé stands as a testament to the meticulous care and skill that goes into every bottle.

Discover the Geoff Merrill Rose, a celebration of life’s moments, big and small. Each glass is an invitation to experience the artistry and passion behind Geoff Merrill’s winemaking legacy.

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