Jeanneret Cabernet Shiraz 2022

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Jeanneret Cabernet Shiraz 2022

Delve into the delights of the Jeanneret Cabernet Shiraz 2022, a distinguished wine that eloquently expresses the richness of Clare Valley. This blend captures the heart of its terroir with a poised elegance and a dynamic flavor profile, making it a must-have for enthusiasts seeking both depth and harmony in their wines.

Vibrant Aromatics: Awaken your senses with the Jeanneret Cabernet Shiraz’s vibrant bouquet. This wine greets you with perfumed notes of dark and purple fruits, seamlessly interwoven with whispers of cedar wood and mixed spices. Subtle hints of game and a dusting of cocoa add complexity and a touch of earthiness that is truly captivating.

Palate Perfection: On the palate, this wine is a revelation of concentration and balance. The rich fruit core is perfectly aligned with refined tannins, creating a silky yet structured mouthfeel. The journey through each sip reveals layers of spice and a nuanced, enduring finish that speaks to the wine’s superb craftsmanship and the cool, sun-drenched slopes of Clare Valley.

Ideal Pairings: The Jeanneret Cabernet Shiraz 2018 shines alongside hearty dishes. It complements the savory richness of grilled red meats, roasted lamb, and is splendid with hard cheeses like aged cheddar, which mirrors its spicy undertones. It’s a versatile partner at the table, ready to enhance any meal with its robust charm.

Serving Tips: To best experience the full spectrum of its profile, serve this wine at 16-18°C. Consider decanting for an hour before serving, allowing the wine to breathe and fully display its aromatic complexity.

The Jeanneret Cabernet Shiraz 2018 is more than just a wine; it’s a testament to the art of blending, where each varietal’s strengths are celebrated and interlaced to create something truly special. Embrace this bottle’s journey as it continues to evolve and delight.


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