Lagrimas de Maria Tempranillo Blanco

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If you love a buttery un wooded wine somewhere between a Chardonnay and a Fiano you will just love the Tempranillo Blanco.  The Tempranillo Blanco variety does not exist anywhere else in the world, it is a very Riojan variety.

The White Tempranillo is the story of a relatively recent accidental find: In 1988, a winegrower from Murillo del Río Leza (La Rioja) found a single greenish-yellow grape cluster in the middle of all the Tempranillo vineyards. The CIDA (Center for Agricultural Research and Development of La Rioja) took cuttings to evaluate what was undoubtedly a new mutation and planted an experimental vineyard. The results of this work determined that the wines obtained from this new variety could be of interest to the Denomination, which is why it was included among those authorized as of 2007.

Tempranillo Blanco wines have an intense aroma and a very marked varietal character, fruity with banana, citrus and tropical fruits, as well as floral . Its palate is balanced, fresh, with structure and medium-long persistence.

This wine presents with hues of pale lemon, bright and clear.  On the nose there are aromas of white flower, citrus and syrupy fruit. There are also hints of tropical fruit such as  pineapple and banana.  On the palate it is sweet and fresh, with fresh green fruit like apples and pears, and citrus fruit.

Serving suggestion and food pairing: Serve at 14-16°C. This wine would pair well with your fish or red meat dishes.  It will suit anything with a little spice!


White Tempranillo




Rioja, Spain


750 mls