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Trentham Nero D’Avola 2017 – The Family Range

Trentham Nero D’Avola from The Family range is a fantastic medium bodied red.  This wine shows true varietal characteristics of a good Nero d’Avola – a very approachable medium bodied red with a delightful balance of ripe dark fruits and savoury notes. A hint of oak, balanced acidity and soft ripe tannins make for a long and satisfying finish.  Great with tomato-based Mediterranean dishes and barbequed red meats or pork sausages.
Sicily is the home of Nero d’Avola where is has been grown for over 500 years and is the most planted variety in the region. The vines are exceedingly tough and thrive in hot dry conditions. The robust nature of the variety and its ability to produce high quality fruit and resulting wine in a hot climate made it a must have for the Estate’s vineyard. The first vines were planted in 2009.
Why not check our more of the Trentham The Family range on Winenutt.
Check out Winenutt at Cape Jervis doing a tasting of The Trentham Nero D’Avola and the rest of this great range.   It was a wonderful Autumn day as we headed out to do tastings across the Fleurieu Peninsula.  Starting with a coffee  at One Little Sister we headed out of Normanville to Rapid Bay and then onto Cape Jervis for some more wine tastings.  It is a great day out why not head from Adelaide through the McLaren Vale and then down the coast.  So many beautiful spots for a picnic or a lovely seaside walk.  Rapid Bay has a lovely foreshore camping ground.
Why not take a look at our other Experiences where we get out and about.  After all it is all about the whole experience.  Grab a bottle of the Trentham Nero D’Avola and head down to the Fleurieu for sunsets and glass on the beach. Pack a Picnic or check out some of the great dining available through-out our beautiful country-side.
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Nero d’Avola


Murray Darling




750 mls




Silver 2019 Australian Inlands Wine Show
Bronze 2019 Australian Alternate Varieties Wine Show
Bronze 2019 Perth Royal Show