Trentham The Family Pinot Grigio

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Trentham Pinot Grigio – The Family Range

We have produced a select range of wines from Italian varieties which have been grown on the Estate – these wines celebrate our Irish and Italian heritage influencing our grape growing and winemaking – celebrating a “Love for Life”.
The grape variety is closely related to Pinot Noir and is known as Pinot Grigio in Italy or Pinot Gris in France. The grapes are pink to light purple in colour and are harvested at different ripeness levels depending on the wine style being made. Grapes are normally picked earlier for the Grigio style.
‘Late but great’ sums up the 2017 vintage. Good rain in spring, followed by mild weather and only short heat waves resulted in grapes ripening slowly on the vine. It was certainly an unusually late harvest but the wines are something to be proud of – well balanced fruit, plenty of flavour and distinct varietal aromas.
The grapes were harvested in late February during the coolest part of the day to protect the freshly picked fruit then swiftly transported to the winery where it is crushed, pressed and clarified prior to fermentation. Fermentation occurred over a ten-day period with a specially selected yeast strain. Post fermentation, the wine was stabilised and clarified prior to bottling.
A delicate white wine displaying characters of lemon zest, green apple and pear. This makes an ideal wine to enjoy
A great food wine that goes well with seafood, sushi or poultry.

Pinot Grigio


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750 mls