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What is Cleanskin Wine?

A cleanskins wine is a red wine, white wine or sparkling that has no label providing you information on the winemaker or winery. There are many reasons that a wine might not get labelled. These could include:

  • Over production or a surplus of wine on the market reducing the price on the bulk wine market
  • Branded wines that were originally sold at a higher price and due to a new vintage were not labelled.
  • There are also winemakers who produces to offer a cost competitive product to the home consumer.
  • Cancelled orders that were yet to be labelled.
  • The Wine was produced to become house wines for the wholesale market and restaurants.

Traditionally cleanskins have been a way for the wine industry to cope with a massive oversupply of wine, and a resulting drop in prices. It is important to note that the quality of cleanskins can vary from supplier to supplier.

At Winenutt we have a consistent range of red wines, white wines and sparkling that you can trust is good quality and value. We have tested each wine and provided you a video wine tasting for your review. We even back our cleanskins range with a money back guarantee. We call them the Director’s Blend range. They come unlabelled and are one of our most popular sellers starting at only $6.25 a Bottle. My current favourite is the Pinot Noir but a lot of our customers love the Shiraz or Brut Cuvee.

Checkout our video with the Phantom wine maker who makes our Director’s Blend range of Cleanskins.