What is Cleanskin Wine?

A cleanskin wine is a red wine, white wine or sparkling that has no label providing you information on the winemaker or winery. There are many reasons that a wine might not get labelled. These could include:

  • Over production or a surplus of wine on the market reducing the price on the bulk wine market
  • Branded wines that were originally sold at a higher price and due to a new vintage were not labelled.
  • There are also winemakers who produces to offer a cost competitive product to the home consumer.
  • Cancelled orders that were yet to be labelled.
  • The Wine was produced to become house wines for the wholesale market and restaurants.

Traditionally cleanskin wine have been a way for the wine industry to cope with a massive oversupply of wine, and a resulting drop in prices. It is important to note that the quality of cleanskins can vary from supplier to supplier.

As a matter of fact, at Winenutt we have a consistent range of red wines, white wines and sparkling that you can trust is good quality and value. We have tested each wine and even back our cleanskin wine range with a money back guarantee. They are the Director’s Blend range. They come unlabelled and are one of our most popular sellers starting at only $7.99 a Bottle. My current favourite is the Chardonnay but a lot of our customers love the Shiraz or Brut Cuvee.

Being that, all of our cleanskin wines, are quality South Australian produced, and come with our Winenutt guarantee.

How can I use cleanskin wine?

Consequentially at Winenutt, we offer an array of services with cleanskin wines;

  • Labelling service for events, gifts and any occasion you can think of (minimum 100 wines and labels)
  • For pubs, bars and restaurants, we can source your next house wine, and get the labels made with your logo and branding.
  • Own a bed and breakfast and want to leave a gift for your guests with your very own branding on it? Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the whole process.
  • The options are limitless, use your imagination and get in touch.

 Furthermore, If you have any questions about the cleanskin wine varieties, don’t hesitate to give our Director Chad a call on 0478 666 508, he’s happy to answer any questions

Find the Director’s Blend Range here:
Director’s Blend

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