Unlabelled Clare Valley Riesling 2022

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Unlabelled Clare Valley Riesling 2022

Clare Valley, renowned for its winemaking prowess, has graced us with not one but two consecutive years of pure vinous magic: 2021 and 2022. For Riesling enthusiasts, this is an absolute treasure trove.

In the hands of passionate masters, exceptional fruit transforms into extraordinary wine. Enter the Unlabelled Clare Valley Riesling ’22, a true gem among gems. Here’s what makes it shine:

Intense Aromatics: From the first whiff, you’ll be captivated by its intense aromas. It’s a symphony of citrus blossom, zesty lime cordial, invigorating grapefruit, and the crispness of green apples, all beautifully entwined.

Balanced Brilliance: What sets this vintage apart is its impeccable balance. Every element, from the fruit to the acidity, is in perfect harmony. The result? A mesmerizing dance of flavors and sensations that truly elevates the Riesling experience.

Pure Expression: This wine is the essence of purity. It’s grape, it’s acidity, and it’s a touch of alcohol – nothing more, nothing less. It’s an enchanting elixir that lets the Riesling grape shine in its truest form.

A Promise of Longevity: With precision winemaking and the remarkable components of 2022’s superb vintage, this Riesling is poised for a long and glorious life in your collection.

2021 was undeniably one of the finest vintages Clare Valley has witnessed in over a quarter of a century, and this wine is the embodiment of that excellence.

Indulge in a Riesling that’s not just a drink but an experience, a celebration of nature’s bounty, and the craftsmanship of passionate winemakers. Don’t miss the opportunity to savour the Unlabelled Clare Valley Riesling ’22, a testament to the beauty of consecutive great vintages.