Unlabelled McLaren Vale Sparkling Shiraz

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Unlabelled McLaren Vale Sparkling Shiraz: Unveiling a Captivating Mystery!

Delve into the Intrigue of Our McLaren Vale Sparkling Shiraz – Unlabelled Deal!

Experience the mystique of our McLaren Vale Sparkling Shiraz – Unlabelled Deal—a sparkling wine that boasts a vibrant fruit profile. Revel in the tantalising flavours of fresh mulberry and currents, which gracefully dance upon your palate. Hints of pepper, spice, and chocolate add an intriguing complexity to this remarkable wine.

Crafted with an emphasis on elegance, our McLaren Vale Sparkling Shiraz delivers a rich and well-balanced drinking experience. Each sip is a harmonious blend of flavours, creating an unforgettable journey for your taste buds.

Our Mystery and Mega Deals are your gateway to exceptional wines at unbeatable prices, and the McLaren Vale Sparkling Shiraz – Unlabelled Deal is no exception. While we keep the producer’s identity a secret, rest assured that these wines are authentic and covered by our 100% Wine Guarantee.

Time is of the essence, as this hidden gem won’t remain a secret for long! Unlock the mystery and savour the exceptional McLaren Vale Sparkling Shiraz – Unlabelled Deal before it disappears!

The clock is ticking, so secure your bottles now and relish the allure of this captivating wine.

Cheers to discovering extraordinary flavours and embracing the excitement of the unknown!




Sparkling Shiraz


McLaren Vale


750 mls